The “mistress” Lagarde and naked “slave” Tsipras – The sketch of L’Echo that “the break»

29 June 2015

Lagard via Tsipras-people re-el magazineA sketch of Nicolas Vendée, the French newspaper L “Echo, full of allusions to Greek deal, made the tour of the world of social media.

In a complex sadomasochistic director of the IMF Christine Lagarde presented a Master’s role, and the Greek Prime Minister in role subjugated slave.

The Lagarde holds a whip, wears a black piece underwear, black suspenders, black gloves and high black boots. As a last scarf from her neck resembling the Greek flag, is blue and bears the IMF sign with white letters.

Alexis Tsipras wearing collar with chain last zone of the IMF chief. The key is hidden in the bodice of Christine Lagarde.

The dialogue in the sketch is as follows:

Tsipras: “Look mistress. I took everything. I am naked ”
Lagarde: “I said. To the bone, Alexis … “.
The sketch staged on twitter correspondent of the newspaper «Liberation», Jean Katremer, and caused great sensation.

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