Greece is on track of euro-exit. Targeted pro-European movement portion of some representatives of SYRIZA made to the Prime Minister to avoid the fatal

29 June 2015

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Greece is on track of Grexit and conditions created mobilize forces at home and abroad.

The dominant mood and feel in decision-making of the Union and in the edifice of support at all levels is that the attitude of the Greek government and the actions of the urgent activation instruments and protection mechanisms, and – if required – isolation Greece.

The time for decisions by European governments and organizations that will now move prefixing ensure institutional, political and economic omlotitas the Union already counting down.

Against this, the Greek government reacted unexpectedly Sunday night, with a new “proclamation” of Mr. Tsipras where attempting for routed events and expectations, such as motion control enforcement funds and decisions of bodies such as the ECB, which are based on legal and political circumstances which are known in advance.

Under these circumstances, the time remaining in the Greek government for taking a final decision, which will either maintain the country under which it has decided to operate in recent decades, or will push into the abyss, ending on Wednesday.

Beyond the expiry of the deadlines of the current up to these last hours support program on Wednesday is expected to urgently convene another extraordinary summit, which has a dual character: either accept one signature of the Greek government with the conditions laid co-decided, either take decisions for the period to follow, in order to protect the Union. Important ahead of the summit was to intervene through his twitter  Rep. Papadimoulis, who wrote: “The extraordinary summit Wednesday, may lead to honorable compromise and avoid Grexit. Where there is a will there is a way. ”

In view of this and with the banks closed indefinitely, the government is by dawn Monday faced with the failure of hitherto completely “non-negotiable” commitment: the payment of salaries and pensions.

The float control is imposed in accordance with the late detection of some executives even Syriza, the coup de grace in election and post-election promises of the government. This development essentially prevents the fulfillment of the commitment, as banks will be closed for unknown how much, and even if there is money to pay pensions, beneficiaries will not be able to make withdrawals over 60 euros and this for as long as the system is able to release – at best: some days.

Studied movement from inside SYRIZA

Under these conditions, the mobility in the political field is hectic.

According to sources within the next few hours would come initiative by some people of SYRIZA with the formulation of a kind appeal – demarche – warning Al. Tsipras with the following main elements:

– Cause the government its position ahead of next Sunday and say that it leaves citizens free and without any attempt to manipulate their decision to come to a referendum (if ultimately conducted).

– To attend Al. Tsipras later than Wednesday in Brussels and sign the text published Sunday the commission

– To commit the Prime Minister that soon propose the formation of a government of national unity in this House, to manage the critical phase following and ensuring the country’s stay in Europe and the Eurozone.