Shock in France: Attack jihadist factory – decapitated corpse was found

28 June 2015

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Explosions in the unit and an unspecified number injured – Outside found decapitated corpse – Information on arrest 30 year old suspect who said Islamist

The tremor wakes up again in France with the new terrorist attack that took place this morning.

According to information from foreign media, two men were traveling in a car entered the courtyard of the gas plant «Air Products» around 10:00 (local time) in the town of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (south-eastern France, near Lyon and Grenoble), whereas previously they had thrown explosive devices. One of the two assailants descended from the vehicle and then decapitated a man.

According to the Prosecutor General, the black flag of the Islamic State was found next to the lifeless body of the victim, while his head was located at a distance of almost 10 meters of his body. Indeed, gruesome details, but not confirmed, say that the head of the victim was found nailed to the fence of the factory and had more of the Arabic letters. At the same time, it refers to “several injured” during the attack.

At the same time, there are reports that said that a man, about 30, was arrested, who allegedly said to be member of the Islamic state. Indeed the arrested are “known” to the French secret services.

On his part, the mayor of the area Saint Quentin Fallavier said it was an explosion at the factory.

Interior Minister of France directed the point, while on the ground are men of Terrorism, the department responsible for the case.

Strong police forces have blocked the area for fear of new explosions, while the employees of the plant located outside were in shock. According to the special anti-terrorist department of France, Christophe Moulin, “if confirmed the data we have, we are a kamikaze attack such as Syria and Iraq.”

This is the factory where the attack took place

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Map showing the area where the attack took place

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