Shock in Britain: The President of the House of Lords Committee in a party with cocaine and prostitutes [pictures]

26 July 2105

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global news-people re-el magazine

A married British politician who is responsible for the supervision of standards to the House of Lords accused of cocaine with two luxury prostitutes. Indeed, the picture of the relevant video was made headlines in the Sun

global news-people re-el magazine

The video is 45 minutes and released by The Sun Sunday, alleged that the protagonist of the scandal is the 69-year-old Baron John Siouel, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords.

In it is reported in the Sun he stripped and took the stimulant drug in his apartment in London and heard to refer to Asian women as “whores” and seems to turn upside down a photograph of his wife who was on the table.

At one point of the video was shot last week, Siouel seems bent over the table, with a five pound note in his left hand and his wedding ring on the screen, as he takes cocaine, while signing a check for 200 pounds for each prostitute.

Indeed, in the video he admitted to one of the attendants that his behavior was “disgusting”.

Last night, there were allegations that he should leave his position in the House of Lords and the committee Conduct -the body that protects his colleagues’ behavior patterns.

Indeed, the front page of the Sun comes just days after the declaration of Siouel requesting deleted peers who exhibit bad behavior, saying: “The actions of a few damage our reputation. Scandals do only good headlines »

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes