Putin instructed to form a new military force reservists

19 July 2015

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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the creation of a new military force reservists as part of measures to improve education and military readiness at a time of international tensions with the West on Ukraine.
The new reserve forces was under discussion for several years and the first commandment for it was given by Putin in 2012, shortly after his re-election as president. The last decree released late last Friday night.
The new force will be separate from the existing military reserves of Russia because its staff, which will be part-time, will be paid a monthly salary and trained regularly.
Russia has already a few million reservists who are former military, but their education is limited, as there are restrictions on how often they may be invited for this purpose.
Officials from the Department of Defense have indicated that the new reservists force will initially about 5,000 men, number of small in a country that can develop at the forefront of about 750,000 soldiers.
The creation of the new force reservists had been delayed due to lack of funding, Russian media reported. The decree of Putin instructs the government to find funding for the new strength of the existing Ministry of Defence budget.