Pirates seized an oil tanker in Malaysia

19 June 2015

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Pirates seized an oil tanker in Malaysia! Photo source by: www.newsbeast.gr

The tanker «Orkim Harmony» which has been occupied by pirates, according to information published by the Malaysian Navy and the country’s media today, followed by a ship of the Navy of Malaysia and has changed course east towards the island of Indonesia Natouna where expected arrive tomorrow (Saturday).

Rear Admiral Azhar Abdul Rashid, whose statements cited by state news agency Bernama, said the pirates carry pistols and axes and have asked the ship to escape. Official announcements said the crew members amounting to 22 are safe.

This is the second seizure of the tanker by pirates in southeastern Asia this month.

As reported by the Malaysian government agency responsible for the enforcement of maritime law (MMEA), the «Orkim Harmony», which has a capacity of displacement of 7,300 tons (DWT), was captured on June 11, 30 nautical miles around the Malaysian port Tangioungk Sentili, loaded with 50,000 barrels of petrol RON95, which belongs to state company Petronas.

According to Admiral Abdul Aziz Jafar, leader of the naval fleet, on board at least eight pirates, who painted the ship and changed its name to «Kim Harmon».

On June 4 another tanker of the same company, the “Orkim Victory”, capacity 7.100 tons (DWT), was seized by pirates in the same area and the same route. The pirates abandoned after they raise about 770 tonnes (6,000 barrels) of diesel.

But this time it will be risky to draw gasoline without becoming ignition and therefore rather looking for the right facilities to make transfer from ship to ship, according to the MMEA.

Source: www.kontranews.gr