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Suleiman Demirel died at age 91 years old.

18 June 2015

σουλειμάν_ντεμιρελ-people re-el magazineFormer Turkish president Suleyman Demirel, who was overthrown twice by the army as it was ….read more



Australia and China sign ‘history making’ free trade agreement after a decade of negotiations

18 June 2015

agreement between australia and China-people re-el magazineAustralia and China have signed a free trade agreement with Prime Minister Tony Abbott hailing it as “history making”….read more



The tycoon Donald Trump presidential candidate US

18 June 2015

Donald Trump-people re-el magazineNomination for the US presidency raised the afternoon Tuesday the 69 year-old billionaire Donald Trump….read more



Immigrants died from dehydration in Niger

17 June 2015

metanastes-people re-el magazineThirty-three immigrants died from dehydration, on the border between Niger and Algeria, in their attempt to….read more



IN “GARDEN” OF PUTIN: The US plans to send heavy weapons in the Baltic and Eastern Europe

15 June 2015

tanks1The US is planning to store heavy military weapons in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe to reassure allies,….read more




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