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WATCH: Burglary suspect weeps as judge recognizes him from middle school

3 July 2015

A unique middle school reunion was captured on camera in an unlikely place: a courtroom in Miami ….read more



White House: Everybody want Greece to the euro

2 July 2015

global news-people re-el magazineThe White House spokesman announced Wednesday that he believes all parties involved in the negotiation for ….read more



Puerto Rico’s Only Way Out Of Its Debt Mess Is Growth–Good Luck With That

2 July 2015

Anne O. Krueger and colleagues’ report on Puerto Rico’s finances has confirmed what many locals had long internalized:….read more



Two-year agreement for funding and debt requested by Greece

1 July 2015

dieti-simfonia-gia-chrimatodotisi-chreos-zitise-ellada-700x360-people re-el magazineNew agreement to cover the financing needs, while restructuring of its debt, suggested Athens ….read more



Rescue operation 2,900 migrants to Italy

30 June 2015

metanastes_14-people re-el magazine2,900 immigrants arrived Sunday in the ports of southern Italy, trying to cope with the Italian authorities ….read more



Minority government in Denmark

30 June 2015

business-people re-el magazineDenmark has got a minority government Venstra party, headed by Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen stain ….read more



Greece is on track of euro-exit.

29 June 2015

global news-people re-el magtazineGreece is on track Grexit and conditions created mobilize forces at home and abroad ….read more



The “mistress” Lagarde and naked “slave” Tsipras – The sketch of L’Echo that “the break»

29 June 2015

Lagard via Tsipras-people re-el magazineA sketch of Nicolas Vendée, the French newspaper L “Echo, full of allusions to Greek deal,….read more



Waiting period by the ECB – “Freezes” but it doesn’t cut the liquidity assistance facility

28 June 2015

global news-people re-el magazineAfter a marathon teleconference, the Governing Board of the European Bank decided to keep stop waiting and ….read more



USA: The Supreme Court upheld the ‘Obamacare’

28 June 2015

obama_2-people re-el magazineValidated by the US Supreme Court law of President Barack Obama’s health insurance with six votes against three judges ….read more




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