Minority government in Denmark

30 June 2015

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Denmark has got a minority government Venstra party, headed by Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen stain.

It is noted that the party came third in the elections but the Queen gave him a mandate to form a government after the collapse of negotiations on forming a government.

On Saturday, the press of Denmark said that behind the sinking of the negotiations lies the intention of Lars-stain -as called by the Danes as prime minister- drastically reduce the taxation of highly-paid, from the current 15% to 10%. The special tax on high earners (topskat as it is called) is paid by those who earn more than 61,550 euros a year and levied in addition to other income taxes.

The DF, which emerged as the second largest party in the elections, announced that he would not accept this proposal, having based its election campaign on pension plan growth and healthcare expenditure.

“Reducing tax our wealthy citizens are not interested and do not want to get involved in such a decision. The content of the government’s manifesto does not satisfy us, “said vice president of DF, Soren Espersen.

Source: www.businessnews.gr