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31 July 2015

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The increase of active users of Facebook, continued at a steady pace, and was around 13% in the second quarter of 2015.

Specifically, users who visit Facebook at least once a month are 1.49 billion.

It is estimated that about the half of the world’s population who use the internet -about 3 billion- are  users of the largest social network.

Almost two in three users of Facebook (968 million, or 65% of the total) use it daily, 17% more than last year, which means that more and more users “stuck” on this.

The time of use through “smart” mobile is also increasing continuously and these mobile users have reached 1.31 billion (increase of 23% compared to 2014).

On the other hand, decreased by 9% over the same quarter last year was the earnings of Facebook, at 715 million dollars as they fell due to the increased spending by 82% and investment in infrastructure, new technologies, recruitment, acquisitions, etc., which reached 2.8 billion dollars.

However, total revenue increased significantly by 39% (to $ 4.04 billion). Over four fifths of these revenues come from advertising (increase of 43% compared to last year). Three quarters of ads (mostly video) concern mobile devices.

According to techgear.gr, Facebook announced that it will begin to sell the virtual device Oculus Rift in the first quarter of 2016. The co-founder and CEO Mark Zoukermpergk of facebook stated that, “the three-dimensional content is the obvious next big thing after the video.”

After these announcements, the share of Facebook -which moves around $ 96 each and has climbed about 30% compared with a year ago- fell in the stock market. Investors, despite the unexpectedly strong rise in revenues, showing rather anxious for even greater costs. On the other hand, is rather pleased that Facebook users increased unabated, while Twitter seems to be stagnant.

Tags:news, business news financial news, australian news, live news




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