“Passed away,” the oldest person in the world

She died 26 days after her 116th birthday

19 June 2015

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The demonstrably oldest woman on the planet, Tzeralin Tali, died in the state of Michigan 26 days after she celebrated her 116th birthday, family spokesman said yesterday.

Tali was born on 23 May 1899 in the state of Georgia, and was the first on the list of the Gerontology Research Group, which certifies the ages of the elderly in the world, after the death of Gertrude Ouiver, who died in April in Arkenso at 116 years old.

Tali died Wednesday night at her home in Inkster, a suburb of Detroit, where she lived with her daughter Thelma Holloway, 77 years old, said family spokesman Christy Campbell. The Tali had moved to Michigan in 1935 with her husband, who worked in the automotive Forde. He died in 1988.

Her death stunned the director of the research center Robert Yang, who said she was a very active person and that until a few weeks ago went everywhere on foot.

The person is now taking precedence is also woman, Susanna Mousata Jones, 115, who was born in Alabama and lives in a nursing home in Brooklyn, New York.

Source: www.newsbeast.gr