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The circle around Harper lands in Duffy trial spotlight

15 August 2015

Mike Duffy-global news-people re-el magazineThe evidence in the Mike Duffy trial is moving a lot closer to Stephen Harper and the people….read more



Yuan-Spurred Drop in Chinese Junk Debt Not a Buy for Nikko Yet

13 August 2015

Chinese debt-global news people re-el magazineChinese junk dollar bonds haven’t fallen far enough to make them a buy after the nation’s currency slumped….read more



Worst El Nino in 30 Years Hits South American Crops, Polls

13 August 2015

El nino-global news people re-el magazineThe El Nino climatic phenomenon has hit South America’s southern cone with a vengeance in the past week,….read more



The Top Secret Pentagon Project That Had Its Own Super Bowl Commercial

12 August 2015

top secret-global news-people re-el magazine

The U.S. Air Force’s newest bomber is poised to emerge from the shadows of the Pentagon’s so-called black budget….read more



Hackers’ $100 Million Insider Shop Sold Data on Demand

12 August 2015

Hackers-global news-people re-el magazineThe e-mail from Kiev offered a tantalizing prize: the formula for a new kind of Wall Street crime….read more



U.S. Coast Guard has seized $1.8B worth of cocaine so far this year

11 August 2015

US coast guard-global news people re-el magazineSAN DIEGO – The U.S. Coast Guard has seized more cocaine off Latin America’s Pacific coast over….read more



Serial criminal is charged with murder after five children and three adults are found shot in the head at a Houston home

10 August 2015

Houston-global news-people re-el magazineDavid Conley, 49, was charged with one count of capital murder in the deaths of multiple people….read more



Typhoon Soudelor lashes China after leaving 10 dead or 4 missing in Taiwan

9 August 2015

typhoon-1 china-global news-people re-el magazineThe strongest storm to hit the planet so far this year has slammed Taiwan with fierce wind and….read more



Nick Gordon is sued for ‘giving Bobbi Kristina a lethal cocktail and putting her face down in a cold bath before laying next to mystery female guest and saying “I want a pretty little white girl like you”

8 August 2015

Bobbi Cristina2-global news-people re-el magazineNick Gordon fed Bobbi Kristina Brown a ‘toxic cocktail’ then placed her face-down in a tub of cold water….read more



Brazilian journalist was murdered in radio studio

8 August 2015

Journalist-global news-people re-el magazineA journalist was killed with five bullets in the radio studio, where he was working in northern Brazil,….read more




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