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The US is concerned about Russia-Iran approach

8 August 2015

US-global news-people re-el magazineKremlin has denied today the information by American media that the Russian President Vladimir Putin met with ….read more



Eight dead hostages in a hotel in Mali

8 August 2015

Mali-global news-people re-el magazineAt least eight people were killed during the attack, including three soldiers and one employee in the UN ….read more



US military’s joint staff hacked as officials point the finger at Russia

7 August 2015

Russia-global news-people re-el magazineUnclassified email access for about 2,500 civilian and uniformed personnel severely restricted since….read more



Green California Just Won the Climate Fight, Now Comes the Pain

7 August 2015

California-2-global news-people re-el magazineHere’s some irony for you. California, the world’s pioneer of carbon and climate change policy,….read more



Syria conflict: US fighter plan criticised by key rebel

6 August 2015

Syria-global news-people re-el magazineA US plan to build a moderate fighting force to take on the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria….read more



MH370: Reunion debris is from missing Malaysia flight

6 August 2015

Aicraft debris found-global news-people re-el magazinePart of the aircraft wing found on Reunion Island is from the missing MH370 plane,….read more



Locust swarms plague southern Russia(video)

5 August 2015

1russia-locust-invasion-plague-agriculture-farmer-global news-people re-el magazineMoscow-Millions of locusts have descended on farmlands in southern Russia,….read more



Newborn baby pulled alive from toilet in Beijing

5 August 2015

china-beijing-abandoned-baby-01-global news-people re-el magazineBeijing –Police are searching for the mother of a newborn baby girl found wedged face-down in a Beijing….read more



New sub Navy’s ‘most lethal warship’

5 August 2015

us-global news-people re-el magazineAccording in CNN  7,800 tons, 337 feet and $2 billion worth of steel and stealth,….read more



In Cash-Starved Greece, Plastic Casts Light Into Shadow Economy

4 August 2015

In Cash-Starved Greece, Plastic Casts Light Into Shadow Economy - people re-el magazineGreece’s banking crisis is having at least one positive outcome, and it’s made of plastic….read more




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