France – Hollande “Four terrorist attacks prevented this week ‘

16 July 2015

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” The French authorities prevented this week terrorist attacks, ” French President Francois Hollande sated on Wednesday (15/7)  and the French Interior Minister Bernard Kaznev revealed that four people were arrested as part of investigations for the planned attacks.
Kaznev said that the four suspects who arrested were planning “terrorist attacks on military facilities” and were contacted known to the French authorities jihadists who are in prison.
Kaznev added that the arrests of the suspects, aged 16 to 23 years, occured on Monday.
France imposed particularly strict safety measures after Islamist attack killing 17 people in January in Paris and after the event that had occurred in June, when an alleged Islamist beheaded his boss and tried to blow up an American industrial interests unit on the outskirts of Lyon.