Dangerous war rehearsals US – Russia

“Warlike” statements and large military maneuvers raise disturbing the thermometer confrontation

18 June 2015

American against Russia-people re-el magazine

American and French armored to NATO exercise in Poland. The thermometer climbs dangerously on the occasion of Ukraine

Assuming the “likely prospects” of developments in international relations which says anonymous columnist of the American «National Review», the political debate Obama – Putin will result in “some form of military” conflict of America – Russia. Steve Tzerint, professor of the Institute of Ron Paul, to that effect specifying the date of this conflict and even expects to be “nuclear”. It will happen, he says, “in the winter of 2018” and explains what ground this collapse of relations between the two countries.

Europe worries
Not to lag behind Europe, the Ukrainian prime minister Arseni Giatseniouk, after meeting with President Barack Obama and held talks with the assistant undersecretary Victoria Nioulant and other officials of the State Department, warned the board of the Jewish Federation of Washington that “the imperialist aggression and extreme (Russia) leads to conflict strategy “in which” Europe will not remain uninvolved. ”

A little milder, presumably due to the institutional role of the President of the European Council, Polish Donald Tusk said last Sunday, the eve of the G7 meeting in Ellmau Germany that the “offensive strategy” of Moscow in Ukraine creates all and sharper confrontation between the West and Russia, which “does not exclude lead to situations out of control.”

There is these days a “bellicose articles” the worst days of the Cold War, notes with concern the apparent site of the «New Yorker» and threatens to develop “climate (…) irreversible situations”. Something similar but heroic tone and seen the English version of Russian “Pravda”, which assigns responsibility solely to European leaders and the US president. Reassuringly highlights the statement by President Vladimir Poouin an Italian newspaper that “no Russian would ever think to attack NATO.”

Not very convincing Russian newspaper. “Putin is not the hardest of the hard of Russia” written by Graham and Alison Dmitry Simon of «National Interest» Washington. There in Moscow “stubborn who believe that Russia will prevail in a war (for Ukraine), and that America will have to choose either to accept the defeat or either resort to tactical nuclear weapons,” they write.

The «American Conservative» last published articles and abstracts of articles Russian commentators who, on the occasion of the G7 decisions to continue and intensify the measures against Russia converge to speculate: “Putin answering the West measures will not subside. We will end all forms of cooperation with the West, will mobilize the people against a new and terrifying threat dimensional against Mother Russia “and will proceed in conflict.

Challenges sides
Last Tuesday the English written Russian newspaper websites trumpeted that in high schools of the Russian Northern Fleet, which ended Sunday, tested “new technology deep explosive devices” and that became “exercises with torpedoes and missiles against submarine to dive (… ) submarine to dive. ”

They did not fall short show of force by America and NATO. Beginning last March in the Black Sea vessels US, Romania and Bulgaria “have worked successfully off the coast of the Crimea.” On the eve of Easter land Estonian army units, Poland and “other countries of NATO” did drills “in the wider east of Ukraine.”

Oversized tanks and patriotic rhetoric
Unfortunately it is not only the international literature which creates what the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius recently named “worrying international context.”

As she writes the Spanish newspaper «El Mundo», in recent days Russian television channels broadcast video of the exercises of the Russian forces display weapons with new military technology, accompanied by “patriotic rhetoric.” “Oversized tanks, equipped with radar and missiles, running at speeds unthinkable for German and Soviet tanks of 1944-1945. (…) Helicopters carrying up to 20 gunmen had if the (American) General Westmoreland would have won the war in Vietnam. ”

Source: www.tovima.gr