Chinese diplomats shot dead in Philippines restaurant attack

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21 October 2015

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Two Chinese diplomats have been killed and a third wounded after a woman opened fire at a restaurant in the central Philippine city of Cebu.

The deputy consul and the finance officer for the Chinese consulate in the city were killed and the consul general wounded, police said.

The consul general is in hospital and a Chinese man and woman were arrested.

“We’re still trying to determine the motive for the shooting,” said Chief Superintendent Prudencio Banas.

“We have the suspect, a Chinese woman, but we would need translators to interview her on what really happened,” he added.

The woman worked at the Chinese consulate, Wilben Mayor, a police spokesman, told the AFP news agency.

Police recovered a handgun from the scene, Mr Mayor said.

Shouting heard

The attack occurred at 13:30 (05:30 GMT) at Lighthouse, a popular restaurant that serves Filipino food.

The restaurant’s manager, Stephen John Patero, said the shooting occurred in a private room in the restaurant, which is a favourite among local politicians.

“We did not really see the actual shooting. There was a series of gunshots,” Mr Patero told AFP.

He said waiters who served the diners heard the guests shouting at each other before the shots were fired.

“They are all friends who apparently figured in an argument,” he said.

A spokeswoman at the Chinese embassy in Manila, Li Lingxiao, said she could not yet comment.

“Our embassy is still verifying the facts. We’ll update you as soon as I have anything new,” said Ms Li.

Philippine foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose also declined to comment.

Tags:news, business news financial news, australian news, live news





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