“Carnage” in cinema in Louisiana

24 July 2015

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A gunman 58-year-old, started shooting in a crowded movie theater in the city of Lafayette Louisiana, killing two people and injuring seven and then killed himself, police said.

The incident occurred at 19:00 local time in a crowed room during the viewing of the film “Train Wreck”, nearly three years since another actor had killed 12 people in the town cinema in Aurora Colorado.

Jim Kraft, the head of the police department of Lafayette, said that whereas the identity of the perpetrator is known to the authorities, his name could not be published yet as the investigation is at an early stage.

The authorities conducted investigations in cars, which were parked in the parking of the cinema and sent police reinforcements to other cinemas in Lafayette and at the home of the offender and suicide.

However, they didn’t make a report for the motivation of the offender, whose corpse remained in the attack area for several hours. The identity of the victims were also not announced .

The eyewitness Katie Domingo told the local Advertiser newspaper that the gunman was a white man, who stood up in the room and began firing.

“He was not say anything. Neither heard anyone yelling”.

Keifer Sanders told CNN that in the room were about 100 people when the gunman started shooting.

Over the past two months there have been several armed attacks in the US.

In an interview with the BBC that published yesterday, before the attack, US President Barack Obama said the biggest disappointment is the failure to establish “reasonable laws on the use of weapons” in his country.