‘Blue’ energy: How the seas can be converted to electrical sources [Pictures]

27 June 2015

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Finding efficient renewable energy is one of the major global projects of today.

While we have made tremendous advances in exploitation of the sun and winds, scientists seem to turn to another source of energy.

The seas are the next energy target. A big bet if won, will give a deep breath of life on the planet, but its inhabitants.

Especially countries like Greece, “dipped” into the water, it will have huge benefits if you find a suitable method to exploit the “blue” energy. Something that, as everything suggests, will not take long to happen.

The promising “blue” energy – The phenomenon that turns the seas in energy sources.

Among all the renewable sources of energy, “blue” is clearly the most … injustice. Until today scientists elsewhere focused their efforts. Solar, wind and geothermal energy were studied extensively, until the collection to arrive at a very satisfactory level. But now, the attention of scientists are facing the seas and oceans.

The reason that so far there was no significant research on the utilization of the liquid component is that it is more difficult than what the sun or the wind. It is established that in the water chemical processes are made which can be harnessed to produce electricity. This happens mainly when the salty water of the sea mixes with the fresh water estuaries.

The natural phenomenon is the “key” to open the door of the “blue” energy, is called osmosis. That is why the “blue” energy could be called osmotic. But how does the osmosis, through which water can … produce electricity?

To understand what is going on, just imagine two water solutions, each with different salt concentration. If the two solutions separated by a thin, semi-permeable membrane allows water to pass, but not the salt, then place the striking phenomenon of osmosis.

The water passes the saltier side and through the membrane exerts increasing pressure on the opposite. The accumulated pressure of the one-sided procedure of water may naturally produce energy.

The significant progress and the inactive role of Greece in a matter of direct concern.

Up to 1970 the use of “blue” energy, there was neither a matter of debate among scientists. This as yet not been found suitable technological means in order to achieve a satisfactory effect osmosis. When they began to create the first effective semi-permeable membranes, born the first osmotic energy recovery ideas.

The Israeli scientist Sidney Loeb, in the 70s, first attempted to collect “blue” energy, wanting to exploit the energy released at the mouth of the Jordan River to the Dead Sea. Even proposed the construction of “osmotic power plants.” But the plan was never implemented.

About 40 years later, the studies seem to have paid off with the first companies to take their first, hesitant steps in the development of the “blue” energy. In 2009 Statkraft company in Norway, where he established the first “station blue energy.”

After four years of operation the company closed, he could not catch the standard calculated efficiency. However the first big step happened. The first studies were completed and coordinated methods for exploiting osmosis improved.

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Another company, the Dutch REDstack has launched a new method of handling osmotic energy. At the same time, scientists from many countries looking at ways to exploit to the maximum the power of the sea, and from 2010 was the first European organization specializing in “blue” energy.

With stations in countries like Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, but also grants exceeding 2.5 million, hopes for progress in this area are growing daily.

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The utilization of marine energy, which seems will apply in the coming years is expected to change the data for those countries can and are willing to take advantage of it.

So far Greece has not shown interest in participating, even in the research track. But surely it would be worth a try, since most likely the ‘blue’ energy will our return multiple benefits.


Source: apocalypsejohn.com