Americans will train the army of Ukraine

25 July 2015

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US troops will begin to train the regular forces of  Ukrainian army later this year, expanding their current mission, limited so far in guiding units of the National Guard of the country.

“This training is part of the long defense cooperation with the Ukrainian forces and will take place at the invitation of the Ukrainian government. This program further enhances our overall assistance to Ukraine for security at $ 244 million by 2014, ” Mark Toner, spokesman for the US State Department stated.

Earlier this month, the Lieutenant General and Commander of the US Army in Europe Ben Hodge had said that US officials were discussing the extension of military training to include the regular Ukrainian army.

Toner added that nothing has been announce about the supply of new, deadly weapons to Ukraine and that the focus will be on non-lethal assistance. “There is no plan to change that,” he said.

He had stated that education will begin in western Ukraine, near the border with Poland, in the autumn.

According to the Pentagon, the training will be given to the regular Ukrainian army will be similar to that given to the forces of the National Guard.

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes