Shock: jihadists threaten Balkans through videos!

16 July 2015

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Video entitled “This is the Islamic caliphate” which appeared in social media characterizes the Balkan target of Islamic terrorists.
With the verse form the video creators display messages to the Muslims in the Balkans to encourage them to join the “Islamic State”.
According to the Serbian state broadcaster (RTS), in the video published on YouTube on 10 July, Serbia is the first target of the extremists, who through religious ode – Cassini – are warning that they plan to expand across the Balkans the Islamic power.
After the conquest of Serbia, they said that they are planning the conquest of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.
The first verse reads: “Enjoy Balkan, approaching better days come Muslims are the Islamic caliphate.”
At the end of the video, according to the Serbian broadcaster B9 a threatening message to US President Barack Obama is published.
The Serbian media are reporting that the first threatening message for the Balkans after the video was published in June, in which the “Islamic State” announced its arrival in the region.