The stylistic tricks that remove points from the figure

19 June 2015

styling-trick-cover1-625x376-people re-el magazine

OK, with covers that have suffered much or little treatment. But what about spontaneous photos of celebrities where again showing thin and weak? The truth is that there are some tricks that the famous clients stylists have taught  and we can implement all of these.

Here are 5 basic stylistic tricks that remove points from our figure:

Dress in layers with wider and long garment is coat

Whether it is a loose blazer, for a long kimono or a long waistcoat, this sort of camouflage clothing items might be fuller like armrests and rear and give comfort in style.

caroline-issa-styling-trick-1-368x550-people re-el magazine

Caroline Issa

chrissy-teigen-styling-trick-1-368x550-people re-el magazine

Chrissy Teigen

Skirt in A line

Whether an intense klos or not. Whether you are in midi, or in mini bar. If the skirt is generally holds the line A emphasizes the slim waist and hiding the most full thighs.

maria-menounos-styling-trick-2-345x550-people re-el magazine

Maria Menounos

reese-witherspoon-styling-trick-2-366x550-people re-el magazine

Reese Witherspoon

The belt in waist

Another way to highlight the waist to give effect to the hourglass silhouette, is to wrap a thin zone.


christina-hendricks-styling-trick-3-366x550-people re-el magazine

Christina Hendricks

alessandra-richards-styling-trick-3-369x550-people re-el magazine

Alessandra Richards


The sure way to figure that indicates further and thin, especially when the monochrome is black.


charlize-theron-styling-trick-4-352x550-people re-el magazine

Charlize Theron

kate-upton-styling-trick-4-305x550-people re-el magazine

Kate Upton

The V neckline

Women who have large breasts prefer it for years. Even if the breast has a smaller size, the V-neck lengthens the neck and the sternum and the inverted triangle shape which gives the silhouette “forcing” the eye to focus in the narrowest part of the torso, waist (hourglass effect).

mindy-kaling-people re-el magazine

Mindy Kaling


ciara-styling-trick-5-405x550-people re-el magazine


Adopt these immediately and see a “different perspective” likeness in the mirror!