Jennifer Lopez as you have never seen her!

17 June 2015

Jennifer Lopez-people re-el magazine

Truth must be told, Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest presences in Hollywood. This woman knows very well how to “sell” her image and to be always in the news. While so far we used to see her with sexy dresses, high-heeled shoes and extensions, we can now at long last to enjoy her in a more … casual style. In the new shooting Shades of Blue, therefore, Jennifer appears with All Stars and casual chic clothes. The extensions have given way to a short leisurely frames and makeup moves in earthy shades.

Jennifer Lopez 2-people re-el magazine



Jennifer Lopez 3-people re-el magazine



Jennifer Lopez 4-people re-el magazine


To say that we do not like? It is a lie! With this look she is even more likeable.