Cara Delevingne Dazzles in Sequins For Her First Solo Vogue Cover

21 June 2015

Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Cover-July-2015-people re-el magazineWe’re not the only ones who have been waiting on the day Cara Delevingne covers newsstands everywhere — on Vogue, of course ….read more



How Model and “Aquarius” Star Emma Dumont Landed Her TV Role

21 June 2015

emma-dumont-willy-people re-el magazineAccording to most models who graduate to acting do so after an extended period in fashion, but newcomer Emma Dumont flipped the script ….read more



Isabel Marant Accused Of Plagiarism

20 June 2015

Isabel-Marant-blouse-Vogue-19Jun15_b_320x480-people re-el magazineISABEL MARANT has once again found herself embroiled in a plagiarism row, after the indigenous Mixe community in Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec,….read more



The stylistic tricks that remove points from the figure

19 June 2015

styling-trick-cover1-625x376-people re-el magazineOK, with covers that have suffered much or little treatment. But what about spontaneous photos of celebrities….read more



“The True Cost” Explores the Global Impact of Fast Fashion

19 June 2015

o-the-true-cost-people re-el magazineAccording to an article in between the Fifth Avenue flagships, ongoing designer collaborations, ….read more



Jennifer Lopez as you have never seen her!

17 June 2015

Jennifer Lopez-people re-el magazineTruth must be told, Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest presences in Hollywood. This woman knows very well how to “sell” her image and ….read more



Gisele: The new sexy photo shoot for the campaign

17 June 2015

Even if the most highly paid top model officially left the catwalks but that means absolutely nothing to the big firms campaigns….read more



Pippa Middleton designed the most beautiful summer dress for a good purpose!

16 June 2015

Pipa Middleton-people re-el magazineHer sister is usually under the spotlight, but this time the news about Pippa Middleton is very pleasant ….read more




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