Four fashion tricks the celebrities know to look thinner

27 July 2015

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All the celebrities do not follow crash diets and rigorous exercise program. Some of them like the food and have imperfections – like all normal women. However, they know what clothes are best fitted to their bodies and know how to choose them, whatever the occasion is.

Fashion people re-el magazine

The most useful secrets are presented below:

  1. Wear a long overcoat. In winter choose a cape, a bohemian summer kimono, or a sleeveless vest. Hides everything you do not want to show.
  2. Wear clothes with V neckline. It makes your neck look more slender, and your waist looks also better.
  3. Skirt in A line. If you combine such a skirt with crop top in the same color or pattern, the result is enhanced even more.
  4. Thin belts at the waist. They emphasize the hourglass body type-so give the feeling of a more feminine silhouette.

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes