Finally! Lady Gaga more elegant than ever!

28 June 2015

Fashion people re-el magazine

When you hear the name Lady Gaga, the only sure thing  is that in your mind come her extravagar performances, heavy make-up and pop music. The Gaga seems to have last change of stylistic preferences, as we see, day after day, to choose more elegant, simple and stylish sets, that could well be part of a runway show.Fashion people re-el magazine

Photo: Getty

The singer was in New York and the lens of paparazzi spotted her in a morning of exit, where she wore an immaculate outfit.
We saw the star with a deux-pieces gray suit in a casual bar and white tshirt, while the look of the finished silver high heels. The pants was the element that stole the show as a whole, and very flattering curves of the silhouette. The t-shirt, gave the appropriate casual tone to the whole outfit, making it ideal for the morning (even for the office).