Tips makeup to show your eyes rested

27 July 2015

Secret  tips for your eyes-fashion people re-el magazineRead some makeup tips that will make your eyes look rested and your face younger ….read more



Polka dots: Wear clothes with dots like celebrities

25 July 2015

Fashion people re-el magazineThe polka dot fabrics remain in vogue again this summer and many celebrities prefer these in their public appearances… more



The impressive renovation of the White House by Michelle Obama (Photos)

25 July 2015

Michel Obama-fashion-people re-el magazineThe US first lady, Michelle Obama, took the decision to make renovations in the dining room of the White House….read more



People with power on vacation: How Presidents are with their swimsuits [photos]

24 July 2015

fashion1-people re-el magazineΗ Κριστίν Λαγκάρντ έχει ακριβά γούστα εδώ σε διακοπές σε γιοτ στη Γαλλία μαζί με τον επιχειρηματία σύζυγό της.The Iron Chancellor with the buckets, Renzo … Captain, Obama with shorts, John Kerry kitesurfer ….read more



Heidi Klum posted sexy photos, being 42 years old! [Photos]

23 July 2015

PHOTO 1-Xaidi Kloum-fashion-people re-el magazineIt is not the first time and definitely will not be the last, but every time we see Heidi Klum wearing underwear the only thing we can ….read more



Victoria Beckham wearing sports tights!

22 July 2015

PHOTO 1-victoria beckam-fashion-people re-el magazineWe are used to seeing Victoria Beckham constantly with dresses and high heels. It is known, moreover, that Posh….read more



Save The Arctic: 60 bright names in the new campaign of Greenpeace.

21 July 2015

60-lampera-onomata-sti-nea-kampania-tis-greenpeace.w_l-fashion-people re-el magazineKate Moss, Pamela Anderson, George Clooney, Hugh Grant, and many other celebrities are joining to ….read more



Copy the look of Jennifer Lawrence

20 July 2015

fashion people re-el magazineThe young actress Jennifer Lawrence has her own subversive style adapting to her age and silhouette… more



Giambattista Valli: The 10 best looks of the stunning show couture

19 July 2015

It was one of the collections that surprised the audience at Couture Fashion Week in Paris, but was one of those collections….read more



You can achieve a trendy casual look just with jeans and a white t-shirt

18 July 2015

fashion people re-el magazineJeans and t-shirts are the basic clothes every female wardrobe should have and often offer you….read more