Dior’s 14 year-old model who has caused reactions

Dior-fashion-people re-el magazine

29 July 2015

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With an airy white dress that is as transparent as necessary to distinguish the details of her body, and having adopted the expressionless face who that is required by Dior, Sofia Mechetner walks in one of the catwalks of Paris.

The slim model recently signed for Dior seems to be the most typical representative of all those who are epitome for Dior. Many are impressed. But not all. Her 14 years are not enough to advertise clothes for adult women. Her body is thin not due to dieting or exercising, but because she is still developing.

The agency in which Sofia belongs characterized the 14-year-old as a modern Cinderella.  She is daughter of a Russian women who immigrated to Israel for a better life, and helps her to cope with work and bears also responsibility for her smaller brothers. So, while her mother is working, Sofia goes and gets them out of school, cooks and cares of them. In the evenings her mother is sleeping on the couch while she sleeps in a layer.

As in all fairy tales, however, so here something happens that will change the whole of life. Her impressive height in combination with her beauty resulted in an offer of a contract with a modeling agency in Israel and immediately she  flyed to work in Paris. There, however, she is rejected because her young age is revealed.

After the rejection, the model with her companion walks in the streets of Paris and passing by the Dior store where the artistic director of Dior is, she asked him to take a picture together. He impressed a few weeks later, unable to take her out of his mind, he contacted the agency and offered an exclusive contract of 240,000 euros.

Dior-fashion-people re-el magazine


“My first thought was that I do not want my daughter to be exposed to such a kind of pressure,” said the Daily Mail, Sandra Howard, a super-model at 60s, emphazising that in this way the small Sofia will lose in overnight her childhood.

In recent years especially, the evidence from the world of fashion was that the exploitation of children at such a young age was something that was not concerned. Three years ago, Vogue around the world has agreed not to use models who are under the interim 16 years, and there were many famous models who supported such actions.

Dior-fashion-people re-el magazine

Dior-fashion-people re-el magazine

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes



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