Who is the efficient and effective salesperson?

31 July 2105

Renos Georgas1

Founder and Editor People re-el Magazine.com

A deal cannot be characterized as a sale if you do not end up with an agreement. The agreement of a negotiation is the most crucial stage. This is the point where you are judged on how much good work you have done as a seller. If you haven’t persuade  the client  which means to get the offered proposal signed by him and to receive an advance payment or refund for the product or service you offer, do not rush to assess the client as convinced. You still have a little way to go yet …

That is because you do not know what may elapse from the date on which you spoke to the day he buys the product or the service. Life can display in front of your client (more often in a magic way) several obstacles that whether at least delay his purchase decision or at worst outcome to postpone it indefinitely.

In simple words, if the client does not pay, you have not made any agreement.

To achieve this, you should direct the client to this way, in an actively manner. Sometimes this could happen alone.  However some other times  if you do not “push” it is not going to happen. During this pressure,  some who are dealing with sales face difficulties. They think that if they push the client, he will retreat and leave. Moreover, none of us does not like to be pressed by a seller in order to buy.

Let’s clarify this. There is a difference between stressing someone and expressing interest with insistence. The real interest is for him to buy something that will help him and will meet in the best possible way his needs and desires. An interest that will give him the appropriate solution for the undesirable situation he is experiencing and wants to change.

On the other hand, if a salesperson calls every week to see if the customer finally decided to buy, does not add any value to the relationship which has been created.

Many sellers believe that during the sale process they should be seen in the eyes of their customer as “good”, “professional”, “nicely” to “understand” them  and “agree” with all the difficulties of the customer and his business faces in the particular period. If you agree with the above and apply them in your next sale, you will find, unfortunately, that you will not achieve the results you want.

How should you view the concept of pressure in the sales area? Disagree with the obstacles that your client faces. Not with himself. Do not agree with the reasons why he cannot buy from you. “Push” the purchase. Help him. Make him understand that he needs you, that this market will help him. Make it happen. Do not let time elapse. You are there to deal with his objections.

He tells you that he wants to think about? Have you understood –not hypothetical- what exactly he wants to think about? Does he need more data and information to make a decision. Does he may not trust you? Do not leave him without help him to reach a decision. You have the full and sole responsibility when he left you, you have done an excellent job and he should not have any questions about how your product or service can help him.

It is different to just pressure the customer, with him understanding that you only want to note one more sale. And it is totally different for him to feel that you are there to help him, that would not give in to the obstacles that are presented, that you have committed to this goal, that you are beside him and work for him, that you put him above everything else and the only reason you push him is because you want only the best for him and his business.

In the question who is the  effecient or effective seller should be added that the performance of a seller is measured only by his results and not by how “good” and “nice” he is, without implying that it is acceptable these characteristics to be missed  in his behaviour.

If you do not press and push how you can have results and get to higher levels of operation? How much pressure is required from your side as a seller? As we have already mentioned in previous advice, you need such as needed to exercise and achieve the desired results. Only these results characterize the success in sales.

Good sales!!