What you should avoid in order not to ruin a good sales deal.

29 July 2105

Renos Georgas1

Founder and Editor People re-el Magazine.com

I understand how stressful you could be trying to make a successful sale, a successful cooperation, win some money, to have the feeling of a successful deal. However the most important is the sweet sensation that you receive when an agreement is made through negotiation and the majority of yours proposals have been accepted by the other side during this negotiation. As I have extensive experience in sales departments of large multinational companies I can give you some advice on matters relating to the sales, particularly some things that you should avoid. At some subsequent discussions I will present and use personal examples from my experience either they helped me made an agreement or not. Besides  through my personal experience and having created an on-line magazine with a variety of topics, I decided to write through a column of this magazine, so my knowledge to be shared with you on a profession that developed me and continues to develop me (knowledge never ends and whoever said this automatically starts his falling) in order to help some people through my experience while helping also myself through them in a difficult period we live worldwide.

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All small business owners are simultaneously sellers. They should be able to sell products or services and generate income in their business, along with other staff involved in sales. There are 8 ways in a sale process, even if you apply one of those it is highly considered that you will lose.

You find a customer, you present your product or service, you see wthat interests him more and more and you continue the process of selling by one or more of the following steps:

You only interested in your commission and the money you will earn from this sale. This is something that can easily be realized by the potential customer.

You pretend that you care about the customer. Your lack of sincere interest from your side is something that can certainly discourage someone very quickly and lead him to search finding your product to someone else who would be your competitor.

You talk too much about your product or service. You are not there to talk about your product but to understand first what exactly your customer needs and then to present your suggestions that will solve his problem and meet his needs.

You promise things that you can’t do. Even if the customer can not realize this at that moment, he will understand it later and ask for his money back. In any case he will not repurchase from you and he certainly will not advertise you to the others.

You behave competitively on your client and make him feel that what he thinks and says is wrong. This does not lead anywhere. The purpose here is not to prove that you are right and he is not. Your purpose is to treat in such a way that your customer to leave happy and satisfied with the fact that he bought from you.

You criticize the competitive companies in the industry. We all know the consequences of such an approach. A sale is not won in this way.

The customer find you that you do not know information about what you sell. Ignorance on your product, or how to help him, or how the potential application of the product in his own business would be, make you further and further away from your goal.

You wait the customer to decide whether he wants and needs the product or not. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes. How many sales have you lost waiting for the customer to decide if he wants what you have suggested him, because he says that he needs some time to think again, to discuss it with his wife, with his partner, etc.?

All the above ways lead you guaranteed to lose a sale. Your behavior during a sale determines the behavior of your customer. Be sure to earn step by step this process, with a view not only to complete it, but also the beginning of a constructive relationship and cooperation with your customer.