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8 August 2015






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In a competitive market you know very well that the way you present yourself during the meetings of the company can have a big impact -positive or NEGATIVELY in your career. If for example you take the role of passive spectator and you do not express your opinion or a comment, it is very easy to give the impression that you are not sure about what is happening or that they simply are not interested. In short you may be considered shy! You will have the same negative result in a professional meeting tif you alk constantly, at every opportunity, and express your opinion on everything, from the budget of the company to the Christmas party. If you act in this way, your colleagues will surely feel that you are too overbearing and you have the feeling that you know everything or that you like to hear yourself talking.

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Either you belong to the first category, either the second or in an intermediate, you should follow the five tips  if you want to show full confidence in the meetings of your company and in front of your colleagues:

Practicing will help you significantly, especially if you’re shy. In such cases, to gain confidence in yourself and to be able to participate in meetings is good to start participating in discussions within and outside the workplace. So you will be able to test your nerves and then manage them in the workplace. Start to speak openly.

Be specific
When you talk in meetings, tell your opinion or your comment as soon as possible, without much detail. This will help your message to pass clearly to your partners and of course not be tiring.

Take correct breathing
The public speaking make most of us nervous. The secret to be able to avoid it or improvements is proper breathing. Teachers speech therapist recommended to take deep breath by the belly. The abdominal breathing will give you more confidence, more power in your words and in the face and can eliminate any instability in your voice.

Give attention to your body language
It may sound obvious, but if you are slouching while you expess your opinion or if you speak slowly, it is unlikely that your “listeners” not to take seriously what you say. Top tips for body language during the meeting are:
-Seat upright and forward
-Put and keep your hands on the table to promote a credible image
-Keep eye contact with everyone who is around the table

Learn from others
A great way to understand how to become an effective speaker is to follow those who do this well. Give attention to your colleagues who manage to captivate their audience and try to understand what it is that makes them so “magical”.

Tags: free book, barcode readers, book reader, audio book download


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