The professional identity is not lost, is built.

10 August 2015






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Of course, we are not referring to the identity as the official statement issued by the police. Do not get confused. The identity of a person can relate to social, family and professional identity, and here it takes to stand on our current text. What is your professional identity today and how you feel when, during the search for work due to unemployment, do you believe that you lost it? Indeed, do you have lost it? Think a bit before answering …

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A reasonable thinking of those experiencing unemployment period is their presence in social intercourse, participation in events, seminars, conferences, etc. So, the time the interlocutor asks you, “what are you doing?”, you freeze, you confuse your words and more often you feel so embarrassed that you wish you had not come out of your home. Let’s take a step back to show that ultimately, they do not ask you something threatening or humiliating; certainly their purpose is not such. This question, a very large percentage, make you feel as mentioned above, not in the form of the question “what is your job?”. There is a great difference between these two questions and you need to stand in that customarily done in the first instance, due courtesy. This means that your interlocutor, just interested to know what you do and what is your job title.

What is this then? The title you have during your work in an organization or a business? The title that bears your professional card issued by the body belonged to share it in your appointments and customers? What you used to say when you were working? No. Your status is what you get with the years and have the capacity to adjust to a working time or outside it. Eg who exercised the profession of accountant in a company does this mean that no longer can exercise it daily? Or does he no longer know how to keep books and handle accounting and tax issues when the cooperation with the employer ends? Contemplate this difference and it is obvious that you have nothing to be afraid and not exposed to conversations, networking and concentrations may serve as a bridge to your next job.

Stand out in your mind “to work” and “know what to do.” The project you’ve done before you leave, the part in which you joined to work, the position you had, have nothing to do with the skills, qualifications and your experience. After all, how many times have you thought  that you may “run” responsibilities for two or three people in addition to your role, if the company has made staff reductions and this adaptation was “necessary”?

Moreover, no need to be housed somewhere professionally in order to get professional entity. No need to convince the world that there is a business with such a old-fashioned way. This is prvoved by your strengths and experience as soon you are asked to respond to a corresponding need. So when they ask you, you should boldly tell your capabilities, explain how you know them build up and why your prospective employer must distinguish you for them. Expose and indicate that you are in search of work, with skills and talents that distinguish you from others. Because each of you has talents and has toiled for skills developed. You should believe in these dynamically and express them fearless, and this is the only way to convince your interlocutors.

Tags: free book, barcode readers, book reader, audio book download




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