No in leveling!

4 August 2105

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Nowadays, everyone can wear a pair of headphones, buy a controller and automatically claim to be a DJ or a professional DJ. It is easily understandable that everyone started from nothing, however, the big question is how many of these thousands of aspiring DJs will be behind of one console and be rewarded for 2-3 decades. Unfortunately most of the thousands of DJs who are around us, have an occasional relationship with this job. Whether they are students who play music because they like it, or they are employees in a morning work unrelated to the music, who every Saturday evening do what they always wanted to do during the whole week.

In any case, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, the above situations are not be blamed or reproved. Everyone has the right and option to act as DJ, as he wishes. But what it is criticized, is the fact that there are certain people who consider themselves to be equal and identical for decades with reputable DJs, who have strong resume through their experience and discos and the most important: People who have made great sacrifices and have given their soul to be able to live themselves and their families by DJing.

For example, he’s like a footballer of 3 to 4 class in national team, whose other main job is different and just he is  kicking the ball every Sunday, to self-characterized as a professional footballer and considers himself as equal and identical with Mitroglou and Athanasiadis. This example is reffered, because opening the Greek Facebook, you will observe hundreds or rather thousands profiles having the initials “DJ” in theirs name and a pair of headphones by their photos. Again should be said for avoiding any misunderstanding, that those who truly love DJing and be willing to engage seriously and provide their contribution on this profession, do very well to promote themselves as DJ because in this case they actually are.

What we can not accept are those who play only for their “madness” (something else I wanted to write here that we all understand) for their splurge and getting easy money, to characterize themselves as equal and similar to professional DJs. You should not forget that with mathematical accuracy, that all of them after 2-3 years will stop dealing with DJing and return to their normal job. The reason: to proceed seriously in this area, as in any other job, time and money are required. Upgrade equipment, discotheque, hardware and software for producing, time for continuous improvement in DJing and producing thousands of songs listening each month. It is no coincidence that those DJs were able to either stand out from the majority or withstand decades of being active, working hard (whether producing or DJing in or even public relations) and constantly evolving.

Therefore you who in rush characterize yourself as professional DJ, without any willingness to work and invest time and money, just think that some of your “colleagues” literally live from DJing, pay their rent and their bills from this job. You can do this simply as a hobby because you like it, but some of your “colleagues” are constantly evolving, investing and making steps forward in this field. Of course you have every right to see the DJing as you want and no one can judge you for it. The leveling and the equalization must be stopped, so please, keep a lower profile.