How to face a colleague who is insecure and causes you troubles?

26 July 2105

Renos Georgas1

Founder and Editor People re-el

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Many people have been at least once at this situation, to have to deal with an insecure colleague in the workplace. Generally, insecure people are very difficult colleagues and create many problems to the others.

You can recognize insecure colleagues from their behaviour. They always want to be accepted from others and they need confirmation about their work. Moreover, in order to receive this confirmation they try to be and treated as valuable members to the company. They usually do not share their knowledge with the others and keep for themselves any information they can. Due to their fear and a constant feeling of threat, they try to control everything around them and they usually do not share the credits with the others.

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On the other hand, recognizing a person with these features, who makes your life at the work difficult due to his or her great insecurity, you can face this person, adopting a specific attitude. You should treat him with a positive behaviour. To face his or her insecurity, every time that this person does a good work, you can make a compliment to him or her, recognizing his or her effort and value, just simply telling “well done”. In addition, every time you face a problem with a task, you should ask his or her advice on this issue and you can immediately see this person from being  insecure how proud could be of him/herself, taking the confirmation and the recognition that he or she needs.

Of course, all this really takes great patience and nobody is obliged to tolerate the insecurity that other people have, which can reach as far as to create serious problems, especially if insecure colleague is in a high level position. But having a positive approach is the best solution if you want to work together.


Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes