Why Affleck and Garner broke up?

4 July 2015

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Unfortunately one of the most beautiful and loved couples in Hollywood divorced officially. We are talking for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who announced their divorce a few days ago. For several months sounded that they were facing serious problems, but the two stars had not given absolutely no response to rumors that spread obsessively on the internet and in magazines.
The two actresses gave no further information and the reason of their divorce is still unknown.
According to «The Sun», however, reason to begin the quarrels between the couple were not other than Jennifer Lopez.

Celebrety news people re-el magazine

It is said, therefore, that Affleck and Lopez (who had relationship in the past) came very close to this year’s Oscars. From that moment onwards the former couple never stopped communicating. Frequent contacts made furious Jennifer Garner which showed weak to face this fact.

Celebrety news people re-el magazine

Many people argue that it is a matter of time Lopez and Affleck to be together again!

Source: www.queen.gr