Robbie Williams: «I never understand why some people like what I do»

18 June 2015

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We are not saying … well the Robbie Williams who while a well-known artist with millions of fans around the world, reveals that he can not understand what it is that makes so many people to like him…
However, few are those who are known and loved by millions of people. In this lies or releases? Do you feel blessed?
“To tell you the truth, this is a constant source of embarrassment and wonder for me. I never understand completely why some people like what I do. I am, of course, very grateful and let us never understood why they come to see me. For me, this process is almost like mental illness … I always look for ways to not accept that I own all of it. I attribute the success to sheer luck because I can not really feel my own and to be happy. Unfortunately, I work most days. Today I’m fine. If you feel blessed? More than blessed. Realistically speaking, the life that fell to me to live is overcome and my wildest dreams! Yes, this very moment I’m happy in my suite, which has a jacuzzi and a huge TV screen and its own swimming pool, think! It’s amazing! But you do not really realize that what you have, you have it until you lose it. No wandering all day thinking how blessed you are. Maybe I should do it, maybe I have to practice at it, I do not know … ”
Somewhere I read that one of your unfulfilled dreams is to become the next James Bond. Valid?
“Nah … I have offered many roles, but the process of film shooting seems to me very tedious and boring and really do not have anything interesting to do. Otherwise I would have played in many films. As for the dream? I have many hopes and aspirations for the future, so many plans, so many ideas … My main dream is to be happy my children.

About my career I can not say more would spoil the surprise. ”
It’s your first time in Greece. What we will hear from you?
“Oh, I come to play my biggest successes and hope that night to do as many Greeks do happy. So I try to include my songs made success in Greece, that those who will listen to know the most numerous songs if possible. After all, it wants whoever goes to a live, to recognize many songs. What I’d like. ”
Would you like to say something to your Greek fans before their meetings?
Yes sure! I tell them that I am very glad that you like and thank you! And I hope them to come and see my show and they like it, without disappointing them. ”