Princess Charlotte baptized – spicy details & photos

6 July 2015

In Norfolk, members of the British royal family and a few distinguished guests attended the christening of Princess Charlotte, which brought several twists to the British protocol.

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with prince George and princess Charlotte appeared at the church of St. Mary Magdalini in Santringkcham of Norfolk stealing the impressions.

Kate glowed with joy dressed in a cream set, matching hat and her hair gathered into a low bun, while the little princess wearing a dress, zorzeta detailing lace. Charlotte resented when her mother lifted her from the stroller to enter the temple where they were assembled the high guests, just 21 in number.

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Among them their great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip, grandfather Prince Charles with his spouse Camilla, which almost irreparably exposed because of air lifted her dress to … dangerous heights.

On the other side of the family, there were her Catherine’s parents, Michael & Carole and  her siblings, Pippa & James.

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William’s brother, Prince Harry was unable to attend because he is traveling. As it is shown, he is fourth in row for the succession of the British throne and despite the royal custom he was not the godfather as he is already very close to the family.

As had been known earlier today godparents of Charlotte is Sophie Carter, James Mead, Adam Mintlenton, Laura cork and Thomas van Straounmpenzi. Adam is the cousin of Katherine while Laura is niece of Princess Diana.

After the ceremony, the guests had tea time where they were offered a piece by … the wedding cake of William and Kate…

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Conducting princely baptism in a different area, reactions were created among the courtiers, since the fragile religious ritual utensils had to travel from the Tower of London in Saringkcham in a maximum-security mission.

More specifically, the aged 175 years carved bowl of pure silver with jug used in the ceremony and are part of a collection of jewelery and throne, named Lily Font, packaged with all attention in a special box and delivered to Temple safely earlier in the day.

Cookware with name weighing ten kilograms and have a height of 43 cm, were used in all the baptisms of the royal family since the days of Queen Victoria in the past and had never left London.

That alone was enough to create nervousness to those responsible: “This is the first time that Lily Fond leaves London and hope to return intact. We make a special case that keeps everything inside the stable, but it is not sure how to respond to the movement” treasurer Martin Swift stated annoyed .

After this, we expect to see the outcome of the official shooting, which has been undertaken by the superstar photographer Mario Testino.

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