Penelope Cruz’s father died

19 July 2015

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Actress feels distressed  after the tragic loss. At age 62 the father of Penelope Cruz died, plunging into mourning all the family of the actress.

Although so far the causes of his death have been no known, her brother-in-law told to the Spanish magazine HOLA that he suffered from a heart attack in the early hours on Thursday and died.

The magazine says Eduardo Cruz had a history of heart problems, while the magazine «Truth» says when the ambulance arrived home (at 02:00 am) it was too late for the 62-year-old man.

One day after the tragic loss, the 41-year-old actress made her first public appearance in Madrid, along with her husband Javier Bardem, who supports her!

Noting that Eduardo Cruz had acquired three children – Penelope, Monica and Eduardo Jr.-from his first marriage to Sanchez Enkarna.

The bad news reached the ears of Penelope Cruz while she was abroad for the shooting of «Zoolander 2», thus turning occasionally to Spain while her sister Monica, canceled a television appearance that she had planned. Eduardo Cruz had very good relations with his daughters, and many times visited and 41-year-old actress in the filming of her movies.

celebrity news people re-el magazine

celebrity news people re-el magazine