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Danielle Milian Opens Up About Unborn Child’s Omphalocele Diagnosis

19 June 2015

danielle-milian-article-people re-el magazineChristina Milian’s pregnant sister, Danielle Milian, faced a tough decision when she went in for an ultrasound this past March….read more



Robbie Williams: «I never understand why some people like what I do»

18 June 2015

robbie-image-people re-el magazineWe are not saying … well the Robbie Williams who while a well-known artist with millions of fans around the world, ….read more



Simply lovely: The Kourtney Kardashian gained great body and shows pride

17 June 2015

KIm Kardasian-people re-el magazineThere’s been more than six months, since Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her third child, and of course, all women who have just given birth ….read more



Grey’s Anatomy: This is the replacement of Dr. Patrick Sepherd

17 June 2015

PATRICKOUT-people re-el magazineDr. Derek Shepherd, the most beloved physician “Grey’s Anatomy”, died after a car accident,….read more



Died Christopher Lee Count Dracula

15 June 2015

kristoferli_madata_692118377At the age of 93 years died Sunday the legendary British actor Sir Christopher Lee …. read more



Shadow of himself by Liam Neeson

15 June 2015


The reason Liam Neeson who may know a huge success with the film series «Taken» and even recently we saw in ….read more




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