Made In Chelsea: LA – Stephanie Pratt and Josh Shepherd react to split in VERY different ways

Steph breaks down to BFF Lucy Watson after Josh calls off their relationship

18 August 2015

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STEPHANIE Pratt and Josh Shepherd were certainly the shock split of Made In Chelsea: LA.

And it seems that the former couple reacted to the split in VERY different ways. While Steph seemed devastated, Josh had a more casual look on things.

Stephanie Pratt and Josh Shepherd have split [Splash]

Steph’s approach

The American beauty instantly went to seek the support from her pals including BFF Lucy Watson.

She then poured her heart out over a bottle of wine and got pretty teary and emotional admitting that she’d been crying herself to sleep.

Stephanie Pratt turned to her pals for support [E4]

Josh’s approach

Josh didn’t seem to need quite as much support and only spilled the details after making small talk with Alex over the phone.

After meeting up with the boys, he revealed that he hasn’t cried as “that’s who I am” and added the split had nothing to do with another girl.
He added: “I’m not going to sit around and feel sorry for myself.”

Josh Shepherd admitted he hasn’t cried over his break-up [E4]

What Steph said to Josh

After meeting up to clear the air, Steph broke down again saying she felt like she was owed some respect from her former partner.

“I’m upset because I lost you. You were the love of my life, my best friend and I truly believed we were going to be getting engaged in the next few months and starting a life in LA.

“You just through me away. I think you’re going to regret what you’ve done.

Josh and Steph had a showdown about their relationship [E4]

What Josh said to Steph

“In the last few days, I’ve accomplished so much in terms of meeting people which I couldn’t have done if we were together and staying in.

“I haven’t been planning on breaking up with you.” He then decided that silence was golden and didn’t say much else.

Josh opted for the strong and silent approach [E4]

Tags:celebrity, celebrities, news, live news





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