Jennifer Aniston: « Justin was the best I had after my 40 years old’

23 June 2015

Jennifer aniston-people re-el magazine

Jennifer Aniston in an interview talked about her relationship with Justin Theroux.

What is the best that has happened to you after your 40?

“Aside from Justin; That was the best thing. So as I experience my own 40, all those where worry at 20 and 30 just shot down. They really relieved. ”

What do you think about the young women who have botox;

“People do everything from very young age. Inflate their lips, they put make-up on 10 th, do facials. And these damn phones … Children do not talk to each other now. ”

You have accounts on social media;

“No. I should take into account of the series Living Proof Hair for one day and became stressful. These are the Kardashians career! “.