Doom! Was Jennifer Aniston cheating on Brad Pitt with .. Joey?

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The revelations and hidden truths in Hollywood, as seen, never end.

This time, the news comes to light, however, are more than surprising, since we could not guess at no way.

Under cover of the magazine «Star», Jennifer Aniston, is not certainly as we imagine her to be all these years, as the woman that deeply wounded by the betrayal of her ex-husband Brad Pitt, with whom seemed to be… full in love .

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According to this publication, the 46-year-old the star was the first who cheated the famous actor and with one of her co-star in the series «Friends».

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And of course, we refer to Matt LeBlanc, or else … Joey, with whom, it appears, she was not only … buddies.

At least this is what the father of TV Joey claims, according to the magazine’s publication. Indeed, the father of the actor said that the two of them had … pleasant breaks of filming, flirting at backstage.

All this time she was married and thrilled with one of the most popular and attractive men on the planet.

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Too good to be true this news forthe  fans of the series, who would like the video to their romance has been already, but very bad for Jen, who seemed actually spent bad moments during her divorce with Brad.

The same, however, through representative, completely denied the news, saying: “It’s 100% lie. Jennifer was never had sexual relations with Mat LeBlanc ». We hope indeed, that does not correspond to reality!

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