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Is the daughter of Whitney Houston dead? The hearse in the garden at Sanatorium creates rumors [pictures]

27 July 2015

celebrity news-people re-el magazineFamily members of Bobby Kristina Brown gathered on Thursday, amid fears that….read more



Mariah Carey: jewel valued $ 500,000 as a gift from her billionaire partner!

26 July 2105

Mariah Carey-celebrity news-people re-eel magazineEven if there were rumors a few days ago that the relationship between Mariah Carey and ….read more



Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up (again)

25 July 2015

katy Perry-celebrity news-people re-el magazineAnother famous couple began to persuade us that something happens with the separations this summer…..read more



Maria Sharapova: From today on … club of separated!

25 July 2015

Maria Sharapova- From today on ... club of separated-celebrity news people re-el magazinePart company decided to pull two tennis stars. The reason for the impressive Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov….read more



Sofía Vergara climbs the stairs of the church

24 July 2015

celebrity news-people re-el magazineAfter a postponement of mystery due to work commitments, Sofía Vergara and her beloved Joe Mantzanielo ….read more



Demi Moore without make up will really suprise you [photos]

23 July 2015

Actress Demi Moore arrives at Target Presents AFI Night at the Movies in Hollywood-celebrity news-people re-el magazine

When Demi Moore will see these pictures probably she will not be happy and she would like to get the rip of them and be downloaded from….read more



Doom! Was Jennifer Aniston cheating on Brad Pitt with .. Joey?

22 July 2015

PHOTO 1-Jennifer Aniston-celebrity news-people re-el magazineThe revelations and hidden truths in Hollywood, as seen, never end. This time, the news ….read more



Images of the glamorous new house bought by Beyonce-Jay-Z!

21 July 2015

Beyonce-cebrity news-people re-el magazineA new house, worthing 2.6 million dollars, Beyonce and Jay Z added to their property….read more



Cameron Diaz: all the famous stars of Hollywood are her friends!

20 July 2015

celebrity news people re-el magazineCameron Diaz has a few famous friends. Not only she is an important part in the entertainment industry….read more



Penelope Cruz’s father died

19 July 2015

celebrity news people re-el magazineActress feels distressed  after the tragic loss. At age 62 the father of Penelope Cruz died, plunging into mourning all the family….read more



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