A tweet from Jim Carrey that caused reactions

5 July 2015

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The comedian apologied in public for the tweet that revolutionized the social media.
Jim Carrey, who has more than 14 million followers on Twitter, has postedrecently a series of tweets, declaring that he is against a law recently introduced in California and imposes virtually every parent to make the necessary vaccines in their children. The law came into force to end opposite movements, which had taken horrendous proportions previous months and put the lives of dozens of children at risk.

In one of his tweets, Carey posted a picture of a 14-year old with autism named Alex Ekols, implying that vaccines can harm children, a claim which had refuted by scientists after decades of systematic research.
Naturally, the family of 14-year old reacted strongly, stating that the photo was used without asking their permission. His mother Alex demanded to descend photo and sued Twitter for copyright violation. Naturally photo disappeared shortly from the page of Carey in the popular social network.
Subsequently, the actor apologied in public via Twitter for his action.

Celebrity news people re-el magazine







According to CBS News, the family of 14-year old child said that he suffers from autism and from a genetic disorder, called tuberous sclerosis, and the diagnosis came when he was only six weeks, before his first vaccine.
In a post made on Instagram, Alex’s aunt says: “I feel terrible how a famous person used in such a way that a photo, which was originally used in order most people learn what is tuberous sclerosis. It used to taunt Alex and my sister on vaccines, even though this was not the purpose of the act. ”

Source: www.onmed.gr