The Big Bet from Microsoft

23 July 2015

On July 29 the availability of Windows 10

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Microsoft is on the final step in placing of Windows 10, the new version of the most popular operating system for personal computers, with the US giant to know that this launch is also one of the biggest bets … if not the greatest – in the company’s history.

The Windows 10 released on 29 July, Microsoft announced a few days ago that most of the new operating system is in is final form. The US giant is planning events in 13 cities around the world (Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, Sao Paulo and New York), while in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico more than 110 Microsoft stores will be open where the consumers could see firsthand the the abilities that Windows 10 provides.

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The most significant differences compared to the past is that the new Windows 10 will be available free to those users of Windows 7 and of Windows 8 who will choose to proceed with the upgrade of the operating system they have on their computer. Indeed, Microsoft has moved in a very smart move, as the last few weeks on the computers of many users has displayed a prompt icon in the upgrade.

If the user makes a reservation, then on July 29 will receive the final notice. However, since in the meantime, several pieces of the operating system will have been downloaded, the upgrade will be completed much faster and there will not be overload to Microsoft’s servers around the world, as it usual happens with Apple’s upgrades.

What they offer

The Windows 8 had “bothered” multiple users with the approach of giving focus in an environment with touchscreen. The Windows 10 is “traditional” because somehow the button «Start» is used again and is closer to Windows 7, keeping many of the amenities of Windows 8. In addition, the environment will be adjusted on what kind of input means connects the user (keyboard, mouse, or; anything). Overall, the first impression is that the Windows 10 is very easy and fast, and feature many amenities and allow better organize files, data and applications.

The Windows 10 will incorporate Cortana, “personal assistant” developed by Microsoft and which responds in voice commands and questions. The Cortana, which is considered one of the best implementations “digital” assistant that  last year appeared in Windows Phone, will be a key piece of Windows 10 and can be used even to open or stop applications (eg music playback) as for searches.

An important addition is the Edge, a new browser in the web (browser) Microsoft’s coming to replace Internet Explorer. The Edge is extremely fast, adapted to the data of the era of video and offers the same experience on all devices.

The common experience across all devices is one of the main bets of Microsoft, which maintains the primacy in the area of ​​personal computers but does not have equally succeeded this on the tablets. With Windows 10 hopes that will change, seeking to exploit and a new trend towards “hybrid” machines, where a portable computer tablet turns into extremely easy thanks to the detachable keyboard that has a machine for professional use is converted into an entertainment tool. One area where Microsoft still has many advantages.


However, it should be noted that you will not have to wait on 29 July to begin new laptops move to ‘loaded’ to Windows 10. As it is already known what will be done in autumn so as the manufacturers of computers and tablets to manage to adapt their production lines.

Anyway, the upgrade is free, so the challenge now is when we’ll see machines that will differ in terms of design to better exploit the potentials of Windows 10.


The Windows Phone continue

The version of Windows 10 for smartphones that use Microsoft’s operating system will be available in autumn, known for several months ago. Just a few days ago there was upset by the announcement of Microsoft, stating that limits the number of Windows Phone devices launched and proceeds to layoffs of thousands of workers who had come from Nokia to the acquisition of mobile phone parts last .

The first estimate was that Microsoft stop dealing with Windows Phone. However, this estimate is from reality and was something that said by the CEO of Microsoft, Satie Natela, in a recent interview.

In practice, Microsoft wants to leave space to collaborators from the fields of manufacturers to present their Windows Phone and where you need to “cast” and that appliances. The reason is that right now, the only Windows Phone smartphones from a known manufacturer is the Lumia and requires the involvement of companies like Samsung, as Huawei, Lenovo and LG in order to have greater range.

Mr. Natela further said that he expects Windows 10 to resolve another issue that have Windows Phone: deficiencies in applications. According to Microsoft, the applications that are created for Windows 10 will be able to “run” also Windows Phone with a few changes. So, since the application developers will create apps for Windows 10, which can not be ignored as there are 1 billion users of Windows, they will make also apps for Windows Phone. It remains to be seen whether this tactic will be eventually efficient.