Super aEgis II: A “robot – killer” from South Korea (vid)

 27 July 2015
SUPER AEGIS II-business-people re-el magazine
In the world of robots – our killer guides the BBC, traveling to South Korea in the city of Daejeon. There, the company has built DoDAAM weapon that can recognize and shoot targets taking just a command.
The weapon called Super aEgis II and is the most popular automatic weapon. In order to function, the operator must first insert a code into the computer system and then give instructions weapon.As explained Jungsuk Park by the company DoDAAM, the system was originally built in 2010 in a way that allows him to shoot without the intervention of a man, but soon customers wanted to add security measures.

According to the BBC, they have already sold more than 30 weapons of this kind, which are installed at various points in the Middle East but also at airports and military bases in cities that do not know where they are. Here to note that each gun costs $ 40 million.