Ryanair, EasyJet and Transavia do not accept Greek Cards

5 July 2015

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Ryanair, EasyJet and Transavia stopped accept transactions with cards issued by Greek banks as a result of capital controls imposed in the country in recent days. These companies accept only cash transactions.

More specifically, following the announcement of Ryanair:

«Ryanair, the favorite airline of Europe confirmed today (June 30) that the ‘Greek citizens could purchase tickets at Greek airports, using cash. Customers with Greek bank accounts face high rates of rejection of credit / debit card for any purchase through Ryanair.com, due to the recent capital controls imposed by the government. Ryanair has now enables Greeks who wish to travel, buy tickets with cash at the counters of Ryanair airports.

Foreign citizens are not affected by capital controls which are imposed on Greek citizens can buy their tickets at Ryanair.com without restriction. The Ryanair will continue to monitor the situation in Greece and to inform all the affected customers and residents of Greece for any changes. ”

Source: www.businessnews.gr