New research at the expense of Deutsche Bank for money laundering

18 July 2015

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US authorities began a new investigation against the German bank Deutsche Bank for laundering of proceeds from criminal activity by Russia, after the attempted bribery of a broker in Moscow, AFP informed by sources in the case said yesterday.
The research, which is still at a preliminary stage, conducted by the supervisor of the financial sector of New York (Department of Financial Services, DSF), which conducts parallel and other investigations against the largest bank in Germany, according to sources those, which asked not to be named.
The DSF, that has the reputation of being faced with rigorous manner even major banks opened a new front in the early summer. The overseer learned, according to the sources, an attempt to bribe a broker Deutsche Bank in Moscow by Russian clients seeking to hide the origin of their funds.
These sources gave no details about the attempted bribery, which failed.
The bank informed their supervisors of Britain and Germany that conducts internal investigation for transactions made by their brokers in Moscow over the past four years.
When questioned on the AFP, the administration of Deutsche Bank did not want to make any comment on any of the two surveys.
“We put in a small number of availability our employees in Moscow pending the outcome of an internal investigation”, Michele Alisonsimply, the spokesman of the institution, said in an email to AFP.
“We are determined to participate in international efforts to detect and combat suspicious activity and take strong action when we have evidence that they committed something illegal,” he added.
The DSF did not want to make any comment.
This research is part of a broader conducted by DSF on Laundering multibillion dollar coming from Russia via Moscow and London, with the use of complex financial products.
In April, Deutsche Bank agreed to pay a fine of EUR 2.5 billion dollars for manipulation scandal interbank lending rate Libor.
The series of scandals which have implicated the bank, as well as unfavorable financial results, led to the resignation, in June, the two co-chief executive of Deutsche Ban, British and Indian national Ansou Jain and German Juergen Fitsen. They were replaced by the British John Krai.