Logi, the new brand of Logitech

10 July 2015

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The Logitech presented the biggest change in the history of the brand. Building on the heritage as a technology company, Logitech now puts design at the core of corporate identity, creating a wide range of products in excess of the industry of computer peripheral finding place in every activity of our daily lives.
So, this new corporate identity reflects the reinvention of the company, promoting a new, creative flair and a redesigned logo. Furthermore, a new corporate brand is created, the Logi, for the most recent product categories.

In 2013, Logitech studying this internal corporate redefinition seeking reinventing, renew the culture, and of course through innovation of its products. So the last product creations openly express these changes, while the company, moving to the new era, rejuvenates and corporate identity. Now consumers can expect a new corporate image with bold colors and simple designs, image will be reflected everywhere: in the online presence in Logitech.com, social media, packaging, and its presence on the shelves of shops all those within the coming year.

As explained Bracken Darrell, president and chief executive officer of Logitech «… reinvent the Logitech, through products aim to offer us amazing new experiences, with a special blend of top technology and innovative design. Already, we have established a world-class design team, led by Alastair Curtis. And now we set the design in the center of our action. But how we approach the concept design, goes beyond the standard definition. For us, design is the combination of advanced technology, business strategy and interests and consumer requirements. And since we developed our products in this way, now it is the time to project and our new identity. ”