Land Rover:Recalled 65,000 cars

15 July 2015

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The company revoked thousand cars because of vulnerability in keyless start.

The automaker Land Rover recently proceeded to recall about 65,000 cars as established the existence of a sufficiently serious vulnerability in the system software which causes the unlocking of the vehicle.

Because this vulnerability drivers are unaware that their car doors automatically unlocked as there appears no indication on the display system.

As a publication of the news network BBC, this error affects the models Range Rover and Range Rover Sport sold from 2013 to today. Experts argue that the problems revealed by the keyless start (keyless ignition) and the automatic locking system on some luxury vehicles have “helper” in many car thieves.

The recall comes after reports were published last year, whereby fraudsters targeted certain models of the series Range Rover Land Rover’s X5 and the BMW, they found easy ways to violate vehicles.

“It is known for at least a year that the keyless express certain vulnerabilities starting systems,” said a company spokesman Thatcham Research collects data on crime around cars. “There are reports that some car models are vulnerable to such attacks, including the Range Rover. This breach incidents of keyless start, “he added.

One criminal can gain access to the car by attaching a special device to the vehicle system to reprogram the key used to start.

In a statement, the company says there have been reported cases of accidents or injuries due to this problem.