Flights to Los Angeles and Rome

The Thai Airways eliminates 1,401 jobs

28 July 2015

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The airline Thai Airways plans to proceed with the abolition of 1,401 jobs through voluntary pension program within the time and will eliminate the injurious flights to Los Angeles and Rome -from the 25th of October in promoting restructuring plan, the chairman announced today.
With the suspension of flights to Los Angeles permanently stopped flying to the USA as there had been in 2008 the abolition of the flight to New York because it was financial damaging.
The national carrier of Thailand plans to reduce operational costs and capacity by 20% within the two-year program, which also includes aircraft sales.
The company is one of the several controlled by the state, which the military government has stopped for restructuring from May 2014 when it came to power.
The suspension of flights will reduce its capacity by 5%, company president Tsaroumporn Tzotikastira said in a telephone interview with Reuters. The company aims to reduce its capacity by 15% by the end of 2015.
To those who will leave excludes those who reach the retirement agewithin 2015, he explained.
However, the company will increase to two daily flights from Bangkok to London to Frankfurt, the chairman said.

Tags:auto insurance, forex trading, payday loans, recipes





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